The ultimate pocket drinking assistant

Ask The BarBack

Just like talking with a real bartender! Tell BarBack what you're craving and it will recommend you a few drinks based on your choices.

Discover new and exciting cocktails

BarBack is filled with hand picked cocktail recipes, each individually broken down to standardize their creation, presentation, and composition. Recipes that called for specific brand names have been removed and replaced with their well-known counterparts, so you won't need to look up any names to figure out how to make something.

Expand your recipe book

BarBack allows you to customize your recipe book to feature only the cocktails you care about with our collection of downloadable drink packs.

Manage the home bar

Tell BarBack what you have at home, and the entire application will be filtered to only show what you can make. Additionally, BarBack can make smart substitutions on the fly for any recipes that call for a specific item you have a close equivalent to.

This mode can be turned off (or on) from any screen, allowing you to quickly swap between modes for when you're home or out at the bar.

Experience everything it has to offer

Fun messages, a drink of the day, metric and imperial measurements, customizations, no ads, no annoying popups, no internet required, and no phone permissions. Pure cocktail bliss, and all for free!

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